Steps To Repair Reinstalling Grub After Installing Windows XP

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    Over the past week, some of our users have reported to us that they have reinstalled Grub after installing Windows XP.

    After reinstalling Windows on your computer or booting Windows and Ubuntu Linux, grub needs to be repaired because the mbr has been overwrittenn. This guide shows you how to repair Grub 2.

    Update: I masked our own XP system today, but after a restore, I don’t boot, I boot into XP by clicking my old Windows option in the grub menu. So you’d better run this administrator to update the grub2 boot directory by trying the following method:

    sudo update-grub

    If you and your family members have LiveCD or LiveUSB clients installed, insert and boot Ubuntu onto the machine. Then run 3 commands on the machine (Ctrl+Alt+T) to perform a startup repair:

    If you don’t install it, download the live boot-repair.iso and burn the file to a LiveCD or LiveUSB (UNetbootin), then run away.

    Open Boot Repair, click Recommended Repair, repair grub2 with one click. Click “More options” to learn more.

    reinstall grub after windows xp install

    1). With grub4dos
    First download of grub4dos here.
    1. For XP users: copy the “grldr” file (without quotes) from the grub4dos package to C:. Edit boot.ini (hidden file in C:) and add to this line the file:


    For Vista/win7 users, copy “grldr”, “grldr file.mbr” in C:. Create a boot.INI file in the root C: submit page, copy and paste it into this file.

    [Loader]Timeout = 0default = c:grldr.mbr[Operating Systems]C:grldr.mbr="Grub4Dos"

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  • Timeout 0default 0grub2 namefind --set-root /boot/grub/core.imgCore /boot/grub/core.imgstart

    Restart your computer and boot from Grub4Dos. Then select Boot Ubuntu from the Grub menu.
    Once logged in, use this command again to install grub according to mbr:

    sudo /dev/sda

    Does reinstalling Windows remove GRUB?

    In my experience, Windows 10 overwrites the Master Boot Record with its own, whether users perform a nuclear reboot or a good side-by-side install. As long as you make the right choice on the Windows partition list screen, GRUB will be removed with great results.

    2) Use grub-install.Ubuntu 9.10 livecd or sometimes higher
    Let’s assume that in Ubuntu the partition is definitely sda7 and the /boot partition is sda6 (whereas most people have a separate /boot partition).
    Boot Ubuntu from the live CD, open the airport terminal and run:

    reinstall grub after windows xp install

    sudo -imount /dev/sda7 /mntmount /dev/sda6 /mnt/boot #ignore this if there is no separate /boot partitiongrub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda
    mount --bind /proc /mnt/procmount --remove /dev /mnt/devmount --bind /sys /mnt/syschroot/mnt update-grubunmount /mnt/sysunmount /mnt/devunmount /mnt/procexit

    3). Booting from main CD/USB using grub
    Boot from cd/usb, click on the grub menu. Type:

    How do I reinstall GRUB bootloader?

    Insert SLES/SLED 10 CD #1 or DVD into the drive to load CD or DVD only.Enter the fdisk -l command.Enter the command “mount /dev/sda2 /mnt”.Enter the command “grub-install –root-directory=/mnt/dev/sda”.After the successful completion of this command, entering the “reboot” command will reboot your system.

    grub>find /boot/grub/core.imggrub>root (hdx,y) (previous command should show x,y)grub>core /boot/grub/core.imggrub>start

    After the kick-out command, go to the grub2 menu. Select this to boot Ubuntu and run Keep Control to repair grub:

    How do I restore default GRUB?

    Run the command rm /etc/grub.d/*;Run the whole command rm /etc/sysconfig/grub;For EFI systems, it’s best to run the following command: ~]# dnf re-install grub2-efi shim.Restore the grub.cfg file on the computer by running grub2-mkconfig -oacqui as follows:

    sudo grub-install /dev/sda

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    How do I restore GRUB bootloader after installing Windows?

    Let’s start by burning the reproduction to a CD or flash memory (USB).Now it is in the test (try without installation).Open a terminal and type this command to display the hard drive:

    In many cases, if you are in the main office or on a public network, you can ask your network administrator to run a network scan for misconfigured or infected devices.

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    After installing Windows XP to dual boot, I need to repair the grub associated with my Archlinux installation. I’ve done this several times on Windows 7, but this time the heavens decided to torment me.My laptop has an Opensuse LiveKDE universal serial bus reader. My current drive is /dev/sda with /dev/sda1 Archlinux -> /; /dev/sda2 -> /home; /dev/sda3 -> Replacement for Windows XP.

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