Various Ways To Troubleshoot A Urinal Flush Valve

Sometimes your system may generate an error code indicating that you need to troubleshoot your urinal flush valve. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.

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    When the water from the urinal does not drain properly, the deformation can be simple or complex. Simple meaning, maybe something has clogged some internal urine drain; Difficult, which means the drain line may need to be “hooked”. Sometimes it may also be necessary to clean the ventilation pipe.

    In the morning, you poop in the bathroom with great pleasure. When you’re done, you press the new TOTO flush button and it doesn’t work.

    It is enough to go into the bathroom and see how the water pours out of your TOTO .

    Now you have options. You can either call a plumber and wait for the lesson, or fix the problem yourself. Knowing the TOTO purge valve troubleshooter can help you get through the situation. You save your time and personal savings at the same time. In addition, fixing the problem will prevent the replacement of the air conditioner in the near future.

    TOTO Flush Troubleshooting – Problems And Solutions

    Sometimes, a TOTO flush control system can cause many different problems. We will discuss some common diseases and theirdecisions with reasons. Let’s move on to the main part.

    TOTO Purge Valve Does Not Flush

    Why does my Toto toilet keep running?

    It is also possible that the toilet will continue to move if theThe Toto flush plate and dampers are defective and therefore do not seal the cistern. Look for debris and blockages that may be causing the problem. Also, make sure that the water pressure is sufficient for the actual flush.

    The most common problem with the TOTO valve is that it won’t drain. Many reasons. Let’s go through each of the complications. solutions and.

    The valve located on the plumbing or control panel will be momentarily closed.

    You should consult if the main valve and control outlet. The controller is located in the main water supply. Open valve or rebound check valve. If it is rejected, be sure to turn it off. Then immediately reinstall the valve.

    There is no electrical connection.

    If the controller is not connected via broadcast, it will not flash, as you know. Check if the cable is connected or not. Otherwise just lift the wire. This should not work properly.

    Spot on the surface of the infrared sensor

    If the surface of the infrared sensor is dirty, chances are your valve won’t come off. To solve the problem, simply remove the surfaceawn with a rag. You can also use a cleaning brush.

    The surface of the sensory house is destroyed.

    Sometimes the surface of the infrared sensor may be destroyed instead of fibers. If that could happen, your valve would not merge no matter what. To solve this problem, contact your dealer for a replacement. You can also buy another one.

    The front of the sensor is probably reflective

    If the sensor has a true reflective surface, it will not work properly. In this case, at best, you will have to modify the sensor. You can check with the dealer or buy another new one.

    Batteries installed incorrectly

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  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
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  • Sometimes the batteries were installed in the wrong direction. Or you really don’t have everything installed yet. Check the batteries and make sure they are installed correctly.

    Depleted batteries

    Even if a certain battery is installed correctly, it may still run out of power. In case the rinse is far from working. Check the battery and the problem.

    Locking in small magnetic pockets branes

    toto urinal flush valve troubleshooting

    If there are definitely blockages in the holes in the magnetic membrane, your air conditioner may not work. Thoroughly clean and inspect the holes with a single rag or thread.

    TOTO Flush Continues

    You can also experience continuous operation TOTO Flush. This can happen for many reasons. Let’s look at applications and solutions.

    Auxiliary hole blocking

    Dirt in the butt grows slowly and clogs even after some coverage. Just turn off the water generator and check the hole. If you get dirt, remove the dirt and placement should be done. Sealed

    dirty piston

    How does a TOTO flush valve work?

    Beautiful chrome TOTO flush valves (also openable in concealed units) generate their own energy each time the water rotates the small internal impeller while flushing the unit. This automatically generated electrical energy is stored in a new series of capacitors and powers the flush valve lug, microprocessor and solenoid.

    In addition to these holes in the piston, the sealed part of the piston may also be contaminated. Cleaning the area will solve any problem.

    Dirt-resistant membrane

    A dirty solenoid valve in a closed magnetic diaphragm can result in a constant flow of water. Be sure to properly clean the sealed magnetic membrane and separation screen.

    TOTO Purge Valve Delivers Too Much Or Too Much lo

    toto urinal flush valve troubleshooting

    Another common problem is that your valve is delivering too much or not enough. Reason may be responsible for achieving this goal.

    Incorrect adjustment of the screw/handle in the gate valve or spool valve

    The knob screw defines the discharge. You can also just adjust the screw to adjust the flow. Use a screwdriver if you want to adjust it.

    Flow Too Low In TOTO Valve

    Valve purge flow may actually be low. There may be several issues related to our problem. Then follow the instructions below.

    Low water supply pressure

    If the water volume or pressure level is less than 10 psi, the software may cause low water flow. You will need to hire a plumbing company to increase the flow. If you try to do it yourself, the problem may get worse.

    Narrow stop

    Sometimes the control stop is tight, which always results in low water consumption. Just hover over the stop button Click here and open the idea on the right.

    Bitrate Too High

    In contrast to this weak stream, you can feel a strong stream of water. Main legitimate reason:

    Indefinite control stop

    How do you adjust a urinal flush valve?

    Loosen the height of the valve system by turning the fixing screw with a suitable wrench. This will give you a purge valve connection. Use the adjustable wrench you have to turn the purge valve. Turn clockwise to prevent flow and counterclockwise to increase flow.

    If the controls are too open, this can improve water flow. If this happens, simply lower the plug and then reduce the flow of water to a level that is comfortable for you.

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